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Serving Waterford
& Surrounding Areas
Serving Waterford
& Surrounding Areas

Experienced Attorney for Landlord Tenant Law in Waterford

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Landlord tenant law includes a number of provisions to protect the interests of both parties. Once a lease has been signed, its terms must be satisfied by renters and owners both, but a failure to do so can result in legal complications. Robert F. White, Attorney at Law, offers representation for any landlord or tenant dispute in Waterford. Some of the most common causes for such proceedings include:

  • Tenant does not pay rent

  • Failure to pay utilities

  • Damage incurred to the property

  • Failure to provide maintenance

These are all reasons you might be in need of a lawyer who is familiar with tenant and landlord law.

Dependable Real Estate Litigation

Real estate litigation can take many forms. If you own a home, condo or piece of property, there are a number of circumstances that might necessitate the involvement of a lawyer, including:

  • Eminent domain

  • Boundary disputes

  • Escrow negotiation

  • Title disputes

  • Sales and rentals

You need to protect your investment and your interests, so hiring a lawyer may be the best choice. You need a legal advocate who will fight for your rights and what is rightfully yours.

Expert Legal Representation

If complications have arisen in your relationship with either a landlord or a tenant, legal action may be necessary. If this is the case, representation from a skilled lawyer will most certainly be called for. Robert F. White, Attorney at Law, provides assistance with real estate litigation, including the dispute and dissolution of contracts. We also offer general lawyer services for any other legal needs you might have. For service in Waterford and surrounding areas, you can reach out to us at 248-674-4320.