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Serving Waterford
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Serving Waterford
& Surrounding Areas

Expert Attorney in the Probate Process in Waterford



Clients often think they want the experience usually found in large law firms. However, at large firms they often do not receive the level of attention they expect.

We offer big-firm experience and efficiency with the attention and focus of a smaller firm.

Probate Law

Probate is a legal process that occurs after death and provides for the legal transfer of probate assets to beneficiaries designated in a will or by the state if no will exists. Consulting a firm with expertise in this area of the law is important to ensure that assets are distributed correctly.

When you spend your time thinking about work and your family, it can be tough to properly plan for your wishes after death. If you don't make the time to write a will, your family may be forced to deal with a messy and lengthy probate process. With the help of a Michigan probate attorney, you can write and file a will that clearly defines your wishes.

Not having a will can be dangerous in Michigan. Michigan laws may be used to determine who gets your property by default. Usually, your property will be distributed based on how the state thinks most people will want it done. That means property usually goes to your spouse or children and then to other family members. Take control of your estate, and contact us today.

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