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Serving Waterford
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Expert Child Custody Legal Knowledge in Waterford


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If you’re searching for a child custody attorney in Waterford, you’ve come to the right place. After decades of practicing divorce and custody law, we know that in divorces involving children, there is often little else that matters more than who will have primary custody of the children and how they will be raised. In order to ensure that you and your children are well protected, it is essential that you have professional, experienced legal counsel on your side.

Expert Child Custody Legal Knowledge

At the law offices of Robert White, we are sensitive to how important child custody can be, and offer decades of experience keeping families intact. We bring expert knowledge of Michigan family law to the table and the experience of how to best represent your interests to the court. Importantly, child custody laws in Michigan are designed to keep “the best interests of the child” in mind, but that term is inherently subjective and entirely dependent upon the facts presented. Let Bob White work to ensure that what the court defines as your child’s “best interest” is what you seek as well.

What Are “The Best Interests of the Child” as Defined by Michigan’s Family Law?

When determining what is in the best interest of a child during your divorce, Michigan custody law allows a court a large degree of discretion, and a judge can consider many different factors. Some of those factors include:
  • A child's age and desires

  • Parental stability

  • Parental criminal history

  • Ability of the parent to care for the child

A court will use these factors and more to decide where your children should spend most of their time.

What Types of Custody Exist Under the Law?

Custody laws provide for a variety of options including:

  • Joint Custody: This falls into two subcategories:

    Joint legal custody, in which both parents have the right to contribute to major decisions regarding their children

    Joint physical custody, in which the child or children split time living with both parents

  • Sole Custody: This also falls into two subcategories:

    Sole legal custody, in which one parent has the authority to make major decisions regarding their children

    Sole physical custody, in which the child or children lives with one parent

Mr. White will work closely with you to review all the details of your case in determining whether petitioning for joint physical, joint legal, or sole legal/physical custody is right for you and your children.

*Note that your child support payment schedule will rely heavily on your custody schedule.

Michigan Custody Schedules as Explained by Our Child Custody Attorneys

A custody schedule can be as simple or as complex as needed to fit your particular circumstances. Schedules can involve mid-week visits, alternating weekends, and more. Questions such as who will have the children for holidays and birthdays will also have to be resolved. Because your custody schedule will determine how you and your spouse will split time spent with your children for years to come, it’s important that it is crafted with care and expertise. Without proper legal guidance, one can quickly miss out on valuable time spent with their child. Look to Robert White’s experience to help you create a comprehensive custody and visitation schedule that meets the requirements of Michigan law and preserves your precious family ties.

Changes to Child Custody Schedules

Life circumstances don’t always stay the same and neither should your custody schedule. If you move, get a new job, or experience any other lifestyle changes, your previous schedule may no longer be convenient or practical for you or your children. Thankfully, the law allows for the modification of custody schedules, and we can petition the court to modify your schedule in a way that matches your life needs. If a career change, a move, or some other major change means your old schedule is no longer a fit, give us a call right away.