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Serving Waterford
& Surrounding Areas
Serving Waterford
& Surrounding Areas



You’ll receive knowledgeable and compassionate representation during this emotional time.



We’ll help you negotiate custody and visitation issues with your child’s best interests in mind.


Child Support

Our team will help you understand how child support is determined and scheduled in Michigan.

Alimony/Spousal Support

Alimony/Spousal Support

We’ll make sure that vital factors are considered regarding any award of spousal support.

Accomplished Attorney in Waterford, Michigan

The office of Robert F. White, Attorney at Law, serves the community of Waterford by providing comprehensive legal services. We have over 35 years of experience consulting, representing and serving our clients, so if you are facing a legal challenge, we may be able to provide the help you need. Our representation entails an aggressive yet personal approach to client advocacy.

Our office provides services for a range of client needs, including those in the following areas of law:

  • Family

  • Probate

  • Criminal

  • Real Estate

  • Personal Injury

Someone talking with a lawyer

Providing a Wide Range of Legal Services

You may be seeking a lawyer for a specific situation, but many people do not realize how intersectional the law is. When you are faced with a challenge, there’s a good chance it may relate to other areas of law, too, which is why we serve clients with a range of legal concerns. We may be able to help you with representation in any area of law you require.

Choose a Law Firm That Fights for You

When it comes to your rights in court, you may be mystified by the processes and requirements you are faced with. The average person may not know what to do when they are faced with a DUI, custody dispute or other problem, but a lawyer has the knowledge to advocate for you and your interests. Robert F. White, Attorney at Law, serves clients in Waterford and the surrounding areas by offering a variety of legal services, including general attorney and criminal law attorney representation. If you are in need of representation or consultation, you can reach out to us by calling 248-674-4320.